Collaboration with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory:

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Strategically, Moselle was interested in a technology and process that would allow early adopter producer companies to enjoy low cost producer status so as to thrive during periods of price volatility and industry consolidation. Moselle became aware of research at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (“PNNL”) focused on magnetic extraction technology paired with nanotechnologies and nanoparticles to extract rare earth elements from geothermal brines, at parts per billion concentration levels.

Research at PNNL, one of twelve National Laboratories supported by the United States Government, had advanced the development of a new and materially improved method of extracting rare earth elements from geothermal brines and other aqueous solutions. Laboratory test have demonstrated greater than 99 percent recovery of targeted minerals even after thousands of process cycles.

Moselle sponsored PNNL research to determine if the same magnetic and nano-scale technologies could be adapted to also extract and recover Lithium from geothermal brine and aqueous solutions. PNNL was able to develop nanoparticles and adapt its separation technology in order to extract Lithium from geothermal brines.

In addition to filing various patents, Moselle and PNNL negotiated an agreement that provides Moselle with an exclusive license to the magnetic separation and nanotechnology to extract rare earth elements, lithium, and other valuable minerals suspended within an aqueous solution or brine. Additional nanoparticles can be developed to target additional minerals and would be covered by the agreement.